Freeday #2

Canceled to shooping with mom then decided to make my lunch with some ingredients that already served in the fridge. This time, I would like to made some experiment by playing additional ingredient to make spaghetti bolognese a little bit more different than the usual one. I added scramble egg! Not that 'fresh' and invention idea, indeed..... hehehe 

Just pour the egg whisk to the pan but don't forget to heat the oil first, then scrambled it. Chop onion, sausage, salt + pepper + extra chili powder + spaghetti ( I was intent to look for fusilli pasta, but I didn't found it at the grocery ) mix mix mix and add some chop fry seaweed hehehehehe 

Done done doooooone! Eat time XD

Hooo, by the way do follow @AIESECUNDIP they are recently tweeting about exchange experiences from The Ambassador (Exchange Participant) who are went abroad this summer. I bet you're gonna feel envy and really want to be the part of 'em, going exchange and catch the experiences... because yes, I am :p


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