D.I.Y : 2012 Journal for 2013 collegian

Hahaha as I told you before, sometimes I feel too lazy to buy new agenda/journal/handbook for college. Yesterday, when I visited Vanqis, I found 2012 journal but I was decide to still bought it. I didn't know, I just want to take it home. While I brought it to the cashier, an ideas was come to my mind. "I'm gonna recovered it! Yeah"

Because of (I think) the result was soooo good, I'd like to share to you of how to recovered this 2012 journal, to be more beautiful and guide you to face the next semester :D

So here's the steps :

1. Scissors, superfine glue, velvet fabrics (use the same tone and color; any type of fabric and pattern you like), the journal, and scotch tape (just for back-up plane if the glue doesn't work well)

2. Well, we're gonna cover the space which is printed '2012' here, so the first thing that you have to do is cut the fabric according to the space that you want to cover. Spread the glue on every side of that space and paste the fabric that you've already cut. Make sure to paste it carefully, neatly, and gently.

3. For the inside, we are gonna cover the uneatly part so it will look proper if we open to the first page of this journal. Cut the another fabric in rectangular shape according to the inside space, and just paste it carefully :) 

4. Basically, all you need to make this journal looked new is your ability to make it neatly. It's very simple to do, even I was only takes 45 minute. It's done! 

5. Do practice it! Work safe, people! 


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