Happy New Year, dear fellas! So happy spending this week for end-year and christmas holiday. I think I miss my college mates and ready to fight again in every subject of college, and then I'll be ready for UAS! hahahah bismillah ~

Well, happy birthday Roga Setiawan! The 'boss' is turned into 20 years old and we've prepared for some surprise party for him by brought in Zulfa to the downtown hahaha he was a bit surprised with it. Then we spent the rest of that day by spending time together, sat in the corner of a tea bar and had a gooood goooood gooood time until the sun drowned at the evening

The next day, I went to the Kampoeng Kopi Banaran to spent the last day of 2012 by exploring coffee plantations behind the coffee shop itself. Banaran Coffee Plantation's area is approximately 400 acres and produce coffee beans once a year during the transition season the archipelago. It actually state-owned company engaged in the field of spices and plantation crops, so does the 'Banaran' itself. It's like the company, inside the company. Cool. I just knew that. 

freaky to be announcer on video -__- 


the cost is only 50K for one cart and it's accommodate until 7 person and carry you exploring coffee plantations

Have a wonderful 2013, people! Goodluck for everything :) 


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