How to Make : Sunshine Cheesy Soup

Haiiiiiiiiiiiii! it's been a long day I mean since the first time I posted something at the first day of 2013, then I had to face end test for about a week and know it's time for me to wishing for my final report in this first semester! finger crossed!

While I'm waiting for my final report, I'd like to fill my warm-up holiday by made my favourite menu ever. Corn Soup! Yeaay! Today is a bright Sunday and this is the perfect time to serve this dish because my sister
was also came over. Moreover, recently the weather in Semarang is very extreeme. Even as we know, hard rain just made Jakarta flooding everywhere. I wish the flood will end soon, everything will be okay and no more victims. So that's why I want something warm and savory to eat just like soup!

I made this tutorial to show you, how I made my favourite soup and hope you guys are interested to try it at home :) It's very easy, with a little bit tricky technique that I'll share to you as well.
*quite hard for me to snap some picture, some photos are blur because I had no time to snap it twice or more. My brother helped me but he ignored me and prefer to watched cartoon -_- ah well....

This dish is "Sunshine Cheesy Soup" -- the name is inspired by Sunshine Project of AIESEc LC Undip which is held on this month till February :D and again, the most dominant color in this soup is yellow from shaved cord and orage from carrot, just like the sun :) 

Ingredients :
Shaved corn
Salt & Pepper
Chicken bouillon powder
An egg
Flour/Cornstarch (maizena)
Chop-Chicken stew

How to cook :
- Chop the onion, carrot, chicken stew, sausage

- Mix the garlic with salt and pepper traditionaly *using 'cobek'

- Melt the butter and then put the garlic that has already mixed with salt and pepper, cook until the onion is wilt then pour it with some water

- After boiling the water, put the carrot, chop-chicken stew, shaved corn, and seasoning it with salt, pepper, sugar and a tea spoon of chicken bouillon powder

- Mix it all then put the cheese, sausage and whisk egg while you're stir the soup gently in one time*

- Little bit of  flour or cornstarch (maizena) to make it like puree as you wish and all done! :)

*keep stir the soup slowly while you are pouring the whisk egg to make it perfect with fibrous texture and remember to use the low heat stove

Eat the dish! perfectly served with extra cheese on top :p Bon appétit!!


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