How to make : Home-made Lasagna

Home-made lasagna is such an easiest lasagna which is cooked without roaster/oven, all you need is only steamer :D yeay! This is Lasagna Steam! Basically I don't have any roaster, I mean yes I have one but that's the bigger, the old one and that is now on the shed. I was watching "Gula-Gula" on the brightest weekend in 2011 or 2012 *uhm forget* and luckly, Bara Patiradjawane was cooked "Lasagna Steam". I grabbed my phone, then prefer recorded the show than wrote those ingredients or steps hehehehe and last night I found that record. No need more time to think, I jumped to the nearest grocery and bought the ingredient to make this Lasagna! 

I successed to practice it! I made this Lasagna and it cooked well. Veeeeerrrryyyyy well! :) I'd like to share to you how to make it and share some tricky step when I made this dish. I guarantee you want to try it, so just follow the step and practice it with your friends, mom, or your another family member to help you during the cook process. I myself, asked my Sister. Help to cook and help to eat it! :)

So as you know, Lasagna is served layered with white souce, sauteed ground beef, and lasagna pasta. Well, I changed the sauteed ground beef with corned beef sauteed with chop onion mixed with instan bolognese sauce and change the lasagna pasta with wheat bread as the base of Lasagna. Layering only consist of white sauce and bolognese sauteed. For the toping, I spread cheddar cheese at the top of layer. Ah.. it'll melt tasteful :9

Ingredients (white sauce)
- 50gr butter
- 350ml milk
- 3 table spoon flour
- A block of cheddar cheese

- 50gr butter 
- An onion (chop)
- Instant bolognese sauce
- Corned beef
- Sausage (beef/chicken)
- Salt & pepper
- Wheat bread
- A block of cheddar cheese

How to cook :
- Firstly, we would like to make white sauce on the pot with very low heat fire. Melt the butter, 3 table spoon of flour (stir)*, pour the milk*, and cheedar cheese

- After the white sauce is ready, let's start to make sauteed bolognese sauce. Melt the butter, pour the chop onion, and don't forget about corned beef and A pack of instant bolognese sauce.

- Put the sausage, seasoning with a bit salt and pepper

- Bolognese sauce is ready, next step we would like to prepare the steamer while prepared the heat-resistant glass bowl spreaded with butter*

- Put the wheat bread as the first layer/base, and the white sauce as the second layer, and bolognese sauce as the third. Repeat it from the white sauce and covers the last layer with cheddar cheese. Make sure cheese are spreading well and evenly

- Steamt it about 20 to 30 minutes*

- Served it fresh-from-the-oven :) 

* when you make the white sauce, make sure your flour is not too much, because it could damage dominant flavor that supposed to cheese taste
* pour the milk a little bit, don't pour it one time. Keep stir it while you pour the milk
* don't forget to spread the butter on the glass bowl, and choose the thick bowl because this is very important to choose the heat-resistant glass bowl.
* you can use aluminium foil to wrap the bowl to avoid droplets of water or wrap the steamer cover with cloth just like what I did :)

Happy cooking, everyone!


  1. You make me really hungry fira -_- really, you have to be responsible for make me really hungry :p


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