Counting Down the Future

I'm a college student right now! Thanks God I was given the opportunity to pursue college education during the next few years, eventhough not in a university that I wish. Some people out there deploring my decision which is not take the bachelor degree after I through 4 years in my high school program. As you know, I was graduated from vocational high school which is equal to a diploma. There are so many reasons you shouldn't know. Sure I'd love to continue my degree of education to a higher level more than just a diploma, but not now. One thing that you should know is, behind all of the decisions that I've take today I have a big dreams in my future. I don't know how it would be happen someday but, just be trust, wish me that I have the same opportunity like the higher level of eduction. I've lost my childhood's dreams turned into the dust and fading. I want to built it back again for my son, my daughter. I'll be starting up from here. I'll try to stop complaining. I'm willing to take pains to climb. I'm gonna be deaf hear them trying to belittle. Blessing and success is my goal. I hope, my spirit won't run away anymore -- won't be lost again. 

The most interesting campus orientation's task. I think. I made it seriuosly!

The last day of (sun-tanned) campus orientation. Fiuh!

throw a 'toga' caps into the sky after closing ceremony | Me and Arum - soon gonna be my classmate again! | college students -- the dream catchers | The Alumni of High School | The Alumni of Junior High School 

And my last one utterance for Eid Mubaral 1433H -- Happy (late) Eid Mubarak 1433H. May Allah bless us and forgive all of our sins. And of course may Allah allow us meet the next Eid Mubarak with whole family, friends, and with the people we love. Ameeeeennnn! :)


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