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Wordless. Simple feeling that I've been thinking a lot. Did I less appreciating someone else? Of what they do for me?  The folk's proverbs said "respect others, then you will be rewarded" .. Yes I always try to do that, but why do I feel under-appreciated by others? Did I do the same to the others? One thing that should remember, I have always been self-introspection. I might hurt someone out there unconsciously. I might not always give the best service on my art project. But I try so hard to make them say "wow, great. I love it. Thank you Fira" You don't know how relief I am to hear those simple words from customer. Easy but very meaningful for me. Thank you. How I feel worthy of a price for any artwork that you want. Yes I sell my skill, into the paper, draw as you wish, and chasing every deadline. Another artworker (the professional one) may sell their artwork are not based on the buyer demand. Collector/connosseur of art will come in person and purchase their work/service.

(my currently project for this mid-month... harrggggsszzz)
Particulary for those who had a name and good quality or their thew. But for me, the very beginner, and not yet an artist ( I'm just a girl who like drawing and art ) I have to tell you that I always try to made the best project as you wish. I was stay up at night, kill my time, share my 24 hours times to finish the custom in the certain date, the beginner that always says to herself "you have a good intention to made these art, help the guys, and hope they'll like it. keep calm, and do your best. Give them a worthy service" -- So, I'll be very upset when someone says that art is cheap.

Well, finally got the perfect wallet for me. The London's tone, white, and WORTH! :p

Another treasure of huntsssss! my new photo hanging on the wall and nordic pattern shirt with the nerd imitation crystal on it.. errr


  1. Oh nice wallet. Where you found that?
    Keep moving on? hahahaha

    Lucca Yoga

  2. At the bookstore hehe :p emm you know Meet the Robinson's movie? I pick some quote from that movie hehehh


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