Urban Jazz Crossover 2012

First time visited this event, well because of the age's problem you know this event is only for those who aged more than 18 heheh and I'm 19. And! I came for free! thank you my Brother :* Came accidently with Dimas who asked his friends as well to joined. Yey! meet some neeewww friends Putri and Mayang. Mayang itself come from Surabaya and visited Semarang for some holiday I guess. She also plans to visit Karimun Jawa. Auumm so envy :p hehe and Putri is the girlfriend of my old-bestfriend on junior high school!

In the hall, we got separated and I was alone in the left side of stage...... Oh my.. but it was Ok. I was very enjoying my loneliness among those stranger hihi moreover when Tompi was on the stage and brought the song from Evanescenes Bring Me to Life in a jazzy swinging tone. Whoaaa! The hall was very crowded, even I didn't find someone who I wish to come hehe :p

Sometimes as a girl with the height less than 160cm tall like me, was pretty annoying. I almost couldn't see all of the guest while on the stage. All photos I took was taken by rising my camera above my head. Lucky shoot! errr. Sometimes I have to squeezed between the big bodies of another audience so that I could get closer to the stage.... pft!

And.. Olala! I like this newcomer singer Bayu Risa :) He sang very well with his high voice. He just released his 2nd album called Desire and in this album, Joseph Saryuf contributed to a song called 'Love Song'. You know Joseph Saryuf is the husband of Anindita and they are Santamonica! :) The article could read here


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