Four-ever : The Farewell Party

The happiness was still around. The farewell was held after the graduation party. We had some money that has collected before and the result was not bad. Held a short meeting with guys and we've dicided to rent a house-ready-to-occupied which is actually haven't ready yet to promote, but we've found it first! hehehe :p So, we rented a Guest House, the member of Bale'sae Property Investment which is located in Semarang Indah, South Semarang. The house is quite comfy, consist of 3 bedrooms, a pantry, 2 rest rooms, living room, backyard, and a wide fish pond with a garden lights around. For us, less than 33 heads are more than enough space!. Full of laugh, sharing, taking pictures, games, happiness, foods, beverange, and every litte piece that couldn't mentioned one by one.

Another randomly picked for doorprize and I got 10K pulse voucher for free hihihihihihi! So happy x)

My favourite part is exchanging gift time! I got a pink mouse bandana. Soooo cute! ;) Meanwhile, I wrapped a mug for those who luckly get. The way we choose are random. Our eyes were covered by cloth and we have to reached it randomly. Every gift are wrapped by newspaper so its 'blind gift'! So fun! We put our 'blind gift' inside of this closed box.

Sleepy face -___- that was about midnight!

What I use : Nikon D5000 + stnadart lens (18-55mm) + Yongnuo Speedlite YN462 Digital eksternal flash | Photo taken by Roga Setiawan and Me!

We were awake till the time shows that that was already 2.30 a.m. BBQ-ing is the end of farewell schedule. Enjoy the food and beverage. So hard to leave that place very soon. After a short speech from Wijat as an everlasting class leader, we were hugged each other. Even some of us was crying, couldn't hold the tears. Realizing that we've completed our duty for 4 years, in this hard school. Oh my God... I'm the 37th Alumni, start from now :') Welcome to the jungle, Fira.


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