Re-decorate room is one of the way to heal every pain. You may tidy up something old in the room that had a lot of memories about the time was. And just in a second you can smile, and remembering the memories just like bring you to the time on stuff you've found. It was fun! I experienced it. When my heart felt that blue, then I help my dad to clean the 2nd floor, I found some stuff that remembering me about my last high school moment. Directly I forgot my pain, then I was smiling all the day. I found some write-chat between me and Ridho about person I like, I found my scratch that always there on the last page of my notebook, all of my grumbling, my minds, my opinions about school and lessons. Oh my God! :') but even so, not all of the old stuff could bring a smile for you. You know, time was not always about happiness. Yes here, in my room I found a pieces of letter about my last love that already gone, I found my notebook which is contain with my sorrow when my dad sentenced to suffer a particular disease.. well life is balanced that way, isn't it?

Then I decided to make the new of me. The present memories that will be find someday. The new room decorate, color, and stuff ;) I hope my room's decorate will inspiring you to make your own room. Having privacy room is like a hell! you can do anything there that only God know :p enjooooooy 

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I was failed on photo competition that I've followed about last week :( Wish me luck for another writing competition that will be announced in the end of next month! *fingercrossed*


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