Another Lovely Sunday

Another lovely Sunday with Bella and Tery. Had a lunch at Parijs Van Java resto around Semarang and spending the rest of the day by went to Tery's campus. To be true, that was the first time I visited UNIKA Soegijapranata :p hehehe I love that place. Shady! Here are some photos we took, and as usual.... A BUNCH OF PHOTO! heheheh 

 *oh my God thanks for a stable internet connection tonight! hahahah

What I Like : The sun was very warm and not over-reacting, atmosphere of the restaurant was so lovable, the waitresses, and of course the food! Worth it!, enjoyable went to Tery's campus, Tery's glasses, Tery's hair-style Bella and Tery's shoes, Bella's eyes, the last MY NEW CLOTHES! *tribal/nordic pattern that I've been looking for. Finally. I'm gonna hunt the other in different place from Semarang. Aha!


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