The 37th Graduation

Whoaaaahhh! I've been very busy lately. Prepared the graduation, the farewell party and prepared for the heart to be ready 'separated' with whole classmates :') Oh my God, I won't say that 4 years is fast. Nope! 4 years is a long journey. Even I couldnt count every little piece moments that I got. It's just too much. Just imagine, we are 33 heads, 4 years, in the same class, and always. Met you (guys) is one of my best part of life. You are the lesson and never felt useless spending 4 years-school of my life with you, guys. If I ever said that my senior high school would never be happier than my junior high school, then I'll take back all of my words. My senior high school's memory is the important 'files' that should be protected on my brain. 

The memory has begun from my first day at school, with a bob hair or sometimes I made a ponytail, then I HAVE TO sincere when I had to get cut my hair. From my first perform as a reader of UUD-1945. Then I joined the basketball team, participated in some various championship despite we were never ever won. My first shoot, my first step on basketball arena. My bitter-sweet love life with some other guys at school, though that I never had a happy ending. My trip with classmates. My struggling when I had to face some test, especially Chemistry, Math or some another freakin-sains class. My biggest step to start wearing hijab. Participated in extracurricular school magazine, and choosen as a chairman or editorial. Won a school magazine competition, and visited drug rehab for the very fisrt time. Knew the lovely tentor ever, Mr. Taufiq from LBPP LIA. Joined some seminar of jurnalistic that bring me to learned more about photography. Got a perfect score on English National Examination. Went to apprentice at PT PLN for about 6 months, and knew more people. And my another lasts moment at school. And The Graduation :) Ahhh Im very happy. Alhamdulillahh yaAllah.. You are very kind. The True Kind! :)

Here are some photos that took by my brother when I had a Graduation Party last Saturday..... :) *bunch bunch bunch*

Ah! How do I look? heheh my make-up has fading. My skin type and the sweat are the factor x(

Me, with the Chieftain xD

  My daddy, couldnt came along :') He's on therapy



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