You Know Who I Am But They Don't

Hi guys! Actually I'm not in a good feeling right now. Seriously, I just got some problem that make me think much. What's the meaning of social media for you guys? For me, it's one of the best inventions that ever found in the world. We connected each other, shared informations each other, the pictures, the videos, the pages, or maybe some thought. Since I knew twitter as microblogging that could eliminate boredom and relate among my friends, and some account that I WISH could help me to look for an information or share something that I need to be answered by some people out there, so that I almost tweeted all-day-long or even almost everyday. This is very helpful ways and easy. We don't need to meet face-to-face but just share and HOPE your tweet will be retweeted. But for all that I got last night, please do not too believe that this would be helpful like the expected. Twitter is my daily-short post. What I thought, I write. Without no preparation *such like my blog that need to complex theme and purpose to write. And of course blog is contains more than 140 character* but I'm 19 years old right now and I have to really know what should I tweet. What should I say, when about more than 200 people were watching and reading *yes I'm not that popular with less follower but what's all mean if I dont know who had follow me? or who that I followed?* 

Here, I don't want to blame people who involved in this 'non-sense-problem' but I just wanna tell you that there are a lot of people out there, judge us just like they are our mother. Look for the weakness point or something that if could developed just a little bit, this gonna be fun and just like the boomerang and forgotten about 'well service' Oh my God who kind of person standing behind all of this slogan? My simple wish was a grenade. I feel disappointed. Those who don't follow my timeline, or my real-life could say something like that. JUST WHO ARE YOU, GUYS? :) Moreover, being a small veil girl like me, is such that easy. I'm nothing, and you could trampling me anytime you want, with the big wekaness point that definitely easy to guess. My veil. One two statement, than I die. Then let me answering.. Who Are You? I don't even asking you to do something to me, then Who Are You? :) 


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