A Love Bird

Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird 

I thought that my love story would never be this complicated. The over relationship was a lesson for me and the pain will healed by time. I guess. But when somebody that we used to know/loved (Okay! I know, Gotye) come through our blackberry messenger and had a private chat like we used to.. Oh please I need God! I had no idea what I really feel. I feel like moving forward, then stop, turning back and walking away, but then stop again, turning back again, start to take one step but crazily hesitate. In my life (well, I'm still 19th years old, everybody) I only know a few guys who I allowed to explore my personal life. I'm not a type of girl who, you know 'collect' some guys, so I think I'm fairly closed to anyone else, particulary a boy. I think, if there's a 'good bye' feeling, there will come another 'hello' from someone new. But love-story doesn't always like Mama said, or proverb's said. Hahah, I dont know :))

Oh, by the way on this 29th May 2012 was Ghea's birthday, my far away blogger-fellas come from Malang, East Java! I promised her to make a gift about her. She asked me to make one for her since 3 month ago, I guess. But I decided to make the special one for her special day! Happy Birthday, dear. I'm sorry for so late post :) I hope you like it, and meet-up schedule is our purpose for now. Feliz cumpleaños! :)


  1. aaaaaaaah sukaaa! :D
    terimakasih ya mbak firaa, kadonya unyu sekali ehehehehehe :3
    ayo ayo ayo kita meetup! :D

  2. hihi I'm happy knowing you like it :D ayo dong ya Malang Semarang deketan gitu jaraknya hehehe


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