Leather Forever

Never get bored with these ancient leather hand-bag. Accompanied Lucy who bought some stuff for her mini online shop Magasin De Chance. Oh my God! She bought the new arrival cutest hand-bag which is ready to sell. It's ancinet and look good 70's style though that these just a second-hand's stuff. 

I love these bag but I have no intention to buy one of her stuff hehe honestly I'm not interested to buy a bag, particulary hand-bag like I crazy about shoes. But I love the shape and the shining of its leather hehe. But If I have to choose, or even got random for free from Lucy (heheh) I'll choose this one :

The collection will be published soon on the facebook account! go grab go grab!

*um.. sorry for the background hehe asked the mess to lucy :p :p


  1. kak, mau tanya.
    template blogger yg kamu pake apa ?

  2. aduh lupa sayang pokoknya aku ngambil dr yg udah di sediain blogger.com kok. trus backgroud, font dll nya aku custom. udah ada di blogger.com juga sayang :)


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