Hiding My Face

I've been feeling so blue since my dad got sick on last November 2009. I just want to tell the truth about my feeling because I have no one special who never get deaf to listen my problems. Sometimes, I walk too far and speak so far as well, even in the place that I shouldn't speak up. I feel so sad when somebody out there told me that I'm over reacting in some case, or even too much to expression the sadness. Did I bother you? with all of my words? Even some of them are people I called 'sibling'.. Oh where are you when I need you as a family to hear my sore? I'm just feel like a barbie, who always smiling for fake and forced to do that right know. 

Sometimes, you shouldn't tell the jokes story to cheer me up or act like a clown to make me smile-sincerely. A piece of intention named attention is much better. You should know, people aren't made just like you. There are always a painfull gravel on it. Inside, that not all the people know how it feel, before they feel it by themselves. Be a flower occasionally, you are not a stranger for me. I should feel free to start a conversation, but I'm sorry.. I'm not feel that way. For now. You messed-up my room. My heart. 

By the way, my camera's take a rest for too long. So I asked my friend Tino from See You in Paradise to take some picture out there quite far from our housing. I interested with his shirt! x)

Just found my forever-sweater got by my sister.. It's her sweater when she was on Senior High School. I love the color which is never get fading though that it's been more than 3 years! <3 and also I love the illustration ;)



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