It Is Asian

Spent my long weekend which is just 3 days along with my family. Very first time visited "Taman Pelangi" at Jogja. Crazy in love with one of these laterns! Just like wanna took some and saved it at home as my bed lamp :p

Oh my God please don't staring at my weird face ._. well at least we are complete as siblings :D ey by the way look at my long skirt! that's my new favourite item! as we know, I'm not longer wearing  jeans lately :' it 'hurts' 

Another day, another palce that we spent! still for the first time had been there! (actually) cool place, with a cool lighting of the sun :D 

photo above was taken by my brother - evening at Jogjakarta :D 

the cute Kiki are now grown up! I hope she won't grow any further when someday I come back to her house for holiday. Kiki was a bit shy on her 3rd grade of elementary :B 

PS : Those all pictures are original, without any edited except only resizing heheheh do you like the tone? :p


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