FIRST : it's fun for knowing the answers from my friends who I asked to join with my homework that I posted a couple days ago! hihi

SECOND : I stop making You're On Your Mug for a while. I'm tired. manage money, deadline, times that all make me a little crazy. my last year at school, an internship tsahhhhh... I'll be back soon :) thank you

THIRD : hard for me to wake up early lately. anybody know? and I collect some wonderful link from blogwalking. I can't stop do it! blogwalking is FUN!!

FOURTH : my sister did a silly activity! hehe she baked a cake for an hour and let it burned just like a rock XD

FIFTH : Finally watched Arisan! 2 hahah and just like I tweeted, Rio Dewanto is totally break my heart!!

image above from here 
SIXTH : my random photos below



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