Good morning universe... 


a bite of strawberry mask cake is joyfullness ..

Oh my last meeting with Anastasia Debby! we met on Sunday morning, and this is the first time we meet after being friend on facebook and twitter hihi she's cute

well, sleepy face you know ... :D

have a good day! may God make it a wonderful Tuesday 

Well, I'm quite long know these guys. They asked me and Meta to come and join on their video making. They known as Formidable. Honestly, guys I dont really know what's your music genre hehe :p but you guys are nice boys I think. Though that I dont know what's your scream's mean but, good luck for your band, guys! I'm wait for your video!! :D and here's some snapshoot I took while on studio

oh well, this's Rizky's tattooes. you know what? that's just a temporary. the purpose is just looked cool on video :p hehe 

I'm sorry for not using photobucket. I think it runs quite lame nowadays hihi 
peacefull! :D

FIRST : it's fun for knowing the answers from my friends who I asked to join with my homework that I posted a couple days ago! hihi

SECOND : I stop making You're On Your Mug for a while. I'm tired. manage money, deadline, times that all make me a little crazy. my last year at school, an internship tsahhhhh... I'll be back soon :) thank you

THIRD : hard for me to wake up early lately. anybody know? and I collect some wonderful link from blogwalking. I can't stop do it! blogwalking is FUN!!

FOURTH : my sister did a silly activity! hehe she baked a cake for an hour and let it burned just like a rock XD

FIFTH : Finally watched Arisan! 2 hahah and just like I tweeted, Rio Dewanto is totally break my heart!!

image above from here 
SIXTH : my random photos below


It's me again and I come to post a tutorial photoshop about fading bokeh that asked by my friend. it maybe a simple way to edit your photo. and once again if someone jump to this post and find out that this tutorial is wrong, I say sorry. I beg. I just wanna share the way how I edited my whole photos, by exploring photoshop. here we go.

If you wanna make your photos looked like this :


please, follow me :)

1. Open the picture/photos that you want to edited


2. Then, make it look bright by choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curve. Then, adjust it till look bright. Brighter or not is up to you. 


3. After that, you can give a little touch of color as effect. by clicking Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color and pick a pale color. like pale yellow, pale pink, or what ever. Choose Soft Light, then adjust the opacity and Fill at the right bottom tools. Can you see that?



4. Then, choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color. choose Black in color options and adjust the Black color bellow. Repeat it for White color and adjust the yellow adjustment. (Look at the picture!)



5. Save the your picture in the JPEG format. then open again, followed by your bokeh picture collection. in the bokeh picture, block the entire picture using Rectangular Marquee Tools then drag in on your picture, hold ctrl and while drag the bokeh picture into your picture. 


6. Hold ctrl+t to make the bokeh bigger like this by adjuts the dot corner. can you see that? after that please Enter 


7. Choose Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options and adjust the opacity. The fading is just up to you again :)


8. Save the picture in JPEG format and voila! your fading bokeh picture is done.


additional effect is okay! :)
Have a blast day! I think it's not weekend yet *sigh everytime*

Hihi hi guys! I should post it on Friday night but I was little crazy about my internship report *sigh sigh sigh* then when I'm gonna post it last night, the connection of internet was crazier than my internship report * a ton of sigh* :p
so here we go! got a comment from my visitor Arev and he shared the link of his post about it (he often visited my blog, by the way and leave a comment hehe thank you Arev!) I'm so glad to join this 'homework' here's the rules :

Well, first I have to ... *oh by the way is it okay if I use english to join this 'homework'? never mind right? okay!* I have to tell about my self in 11!

1. I'm coward! I hate horror movie, horror story and so on! :p
2. I love the simple thing.
3. I'm the big fan of Instan Noodle!
4. I'm a grumpy.
5. I'm maudlin. it's easy for me to cry even when I see a cat which is just look so sad. I could cry
6. I love having friends! by virtual or meet in person
8. I love singing, even my voice sounds like thunderbolt :p
9. I'm daydreamer and love cooking
10. I love photography too
11. Untidy person and boyish!
*I think, 11 is not enough to tell about my self :p 

Second, I have to answer 11 Arev's questions. 

1. What's your favourite city?

2. What's difference between soccer and football?
Why don't you eat the dictionary and find it out by yourself :p

3. What's your profession?
I'm a student. 

4. What's the strangest food that you've ever ate?

5. Who's your national team player idol?
I choose from Basketball, Ronny Gunawan, and Kelly Purwanto.

6. What's the relations between elephant and ants?
They are Animal family!! 

7. What's the provincial capital of Central Java?

8. What's the typical food of Makassar?
Coto Makassar. Es Pisang Ijo (uhh I love es pisang ijo)

9. 1+25,6=?
26,6. Are you run out of qustions, Arev?

10. How long have you been blogging?
Umm, about two years, since 2009 :)

11. Why the earth is round?
That's destiny 

Third, I have to share this homework to 11 my blog fellas! 
1. Meta at Meta Bercerita
2. Dana at Hello Behel
3. Tery at My Valerien
4. Ghea at Ghelifestory
5. Irma at In It To Know It
6. Diah at Sweet & Salty
7. Arum at Little Kodok
8. Ida at Dream Big!
9. Lucy at Anak Minang Merantau she got double!
10. Zulfa at Smile and Smile :)
11. Mbak Yuni at piece of my daily

Fourth, I have to make 11 questions for my blog fellas that I shared! easy! :D
1. Do you think you cool? why?
2. What's your goal in life?
3. Tell me about your future husband/wife!
4. What's is your blog's name? why you choose that?
5. Do you hate me? :p
6. Who's your role model?
7. What are you doing lately?
8. Do you like sky? why?
9. Can you cook something to eat? except instan noodle? :p
10. Can you imagine, the world without war? tell me about your imaginations!
11. Do you like blooging? why?

Heheh DONE! I'm happy to join :D

PS: Guys! I'm in process to collabs with my cousin @djaliknzl the college student of FSRD ITB heheh just wait and see. oh and I'm going to post about my tutorial photoshop "how to make fading bokeh" it's easy! :)