Summer Girl

I'm dying to draw her eyes! her eyes is too gorgeous.. sorry if it look weird :( I'm learning of surealism

Every I turned my computer on to started surf all around the world by internet or just blogging, I always visit her site. yes, Clara Devi on Luce-Dale :) I love to visit her blog! not only because her sweet words on every post, but also her gorgeous photo is always beautiful! I mean vintage tone! I'm dying to try this on photoshop by according her tutorial :D well, I'm not good in photoshop :") beside following her blog, I also followed her twitter, and guess! I have to say she's very kind and friendly. even I made favourite some of her tweets to me :p 
so here, I dedicated that picture (above)! drew by myself when I have no job in the office last week. Hope you like it kak, Clara! :D

Donna Bella Aprisan 

and this! the summer tone tutorial that suggested by Clara Devi on her post! check it out! the result is very.. very... lovable. And I tried it on my bestfriend's photosession. she asked me to edit this photo. Good photo! taken on the outside. you know, I love sunrises for photoshoot! but, oh my.. the resolutions is not so good. she sent it on bbm, so there's a resizing photo during sending :(

Ps: hold on, Dana, Tery, Lucy! I'll draw you as your character on your own lovely blogs!! :D


  1. wawww...
    udah buka deh, jadi punya ide ma baju2 mama ku.. hahaha...
    coba aaahh..

    i waiting my character on your blog :)
    miss you

  2. lucy : have you ever visited that site? hihi

    dana : hihi thank you soo much! wait ya dana gambarnya :3

  3. I adore her too. she looks pretty naturaly.
    hihihi cant wait for my character sweet!


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