Ode To My Family

"YaAllah, Agung anak ku ... " - Abah 

.. Maybe it's true,
maybe we don't know what we have
 until we've lost it.
but, maybe it's also true 
that we don't know what we're missing 
until we find it ..

-via tumblr-

this's the good time to write a post. I'm just mourn. I lost my cousin. my child-hood-friend. my brother. it happended so fast. too much fast. the whole family didn't expected, he just 22 years old. so young. actually, it's hard for me to write this post about him. I've to set up the strength to not cry while writing this post :') he is kind. he is an original youth. Abah said that he is smart, and always got ranked when he was on high school. he also an important person in his boarding school. last night, my mom told me during his funeral procession. may be I looked good and fine.. but when I finished shalat I couldn't hold my tears.. God :') though that I'm not his closest, but my child-hood every Eid I was always played with him and my another siblings. memories about him are always there, even a little but impressive. 


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