by - Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm glad to see my mom and my dad laughing. even just smiling :') no matter how hard their temptation, how hard their trully life, so I was very grateful they still can forget about it all and replace it with a smile in front of me. God, save them and love them, give them ease and happiness :') 

so, yesterday I was jumped around to take some pictures with my brother and soon-sister-in-law :p hehe the weather was very awesome and great, even too much great! so hot! but it gave the best lighting ever :D I Love Sun for Photoshoooootttt 

wihiiiii Japan's Flag! 

I do like this photo so much! (above) how could I edited? 


photo by me and brother, edited by me 

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  1. loh pi.. tu siapa? mas mu udah putus to ma mbak ufi?
    kok beda..

  2. wuahhhh...fotonya bagus bangettt warnanya....

  3. lucy : jehh -__- itu mbak ufi. dia skrg pake jilbab. kurusan soalnya dia udah kerja. seems like preasure :p

    kak castella : huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank youuuuu wih gak nyangka kak castella mampir ke sini :D I'm ur huge fan! >.<