So Lame Today

I'm tired. (maybe) angry. stress. burden. I hold a lot of duty. I wanna cry though this's not the time for it. I'm just hard to explain what I feel today. I started today with a wishing, "please make my day, God!" going well until when I suddenly felt tired. so much tired of all. moreover when my way home, I witnessed people going crazy with traffic-jam! riding their vehicle carelessly and violating the traffic rules. at the same time, they FORCE me to be the one of them! good! I hate it. :( 
some problem come from my passion to continue my business. time was, I don't know why I felt so happy when I started it. Proud that I can help my friends who seek the cute mug for gift/personal, but now? why I feel so burden?? :( I need an adviser for this problem. I could never ask someone for help me. I always solve it by my self. moreover I'm on financial problem for fund and partnership that took part of my business..... oh God!  

God, give me the strength to all of this,
I know I couldn't without Your bless
Give me ease
so that no one harmed.
Grant my prayer, and give me an incredible sense of patience
and let me ask something for You,
"Why time goes so fast when we need a lot of time?"

I Love You, God :')



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