Read It : It's Not 'ENDONESIA' But 'INDONESIA'

I dont know why, today all the people especially in Indonesia,  become more nasionalist than before hehe including myself! :D yeaaay! today is the Independence of Indonesia!! wohoo despite complaining about the existence of Indonesia is unstable in terms of governance, social, civic, and so on.. I must admit that Indonesia will be more prosperous in the future. I hope :') about Nazarrudin, and 'friends' ... emm seriously I dont care about his act :') 


well, check out my nails! it's Red and White (symbol) Happy Independence Day! :)

look at my nail

even Google Id, also welcomed Indonesia's Independence Day! have you access it?  

Stay Young Indonesia!! 


  1. Kalo boleh tau,itu kamera dipake fto pake kamera apa ya?bening dan fokus.thx.


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