Temper Day

I just relized how hard to be a small entrepreneur and a worker at the same time. I have to take a responsibility of both. they are never know, how hard I try to understand the situations though that I my self is not in good condition to face them. Maybe I felt guilty if I couldn't make my customer or my boss satisfied with my works. this's the 2nd week of internship and about a year of my mug's brand, You're On Your Mug. I have no manager to manage all of my order, I handle it by myself. Draw by my self, untill manage the money by my self. sometimes, I felt tired of all when I started to remember "Start it again, fira!" then I jumped, I'm excited again! after all, I've learned how to be a selfish person, understanding, patience, and idealistic, isn't it? I dont care how small my mug's brand is, I'll run it in earnest and in good intentions. And if the time comes I stopped, there would be a few people, who missed my works. At least, my works and I have a history to the people around me..


Goodnight everyone!
ps : today, I've learned how to be a selfish and individualist person, as a worker.. well, I'll try!


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