Accidentally Red

Assalamu'alaikum everybody!! how's your Sunny Sunday? just remind that today was very very sunny! :D alhamdulillah, so that my family and I cooperate to clean every corner of my house. paint a new furniture, wash the ancient carpet tiring but fun. and you know what? every inch of the furniture was painted by me! I was great doing it :p 

but oh! guess what!? soon, I'm gonna be a young aunty :DDDD oh Alhamdulillah finally my sister got pregnant. I was so happy when I heard that news :D can't believe that I'll be called "auntyyy" aaaaaaaaaa happy happy 
I'll always pray for her and her baby :') Alhamdulillah and I got this cute mouse pad from her hihi I remember that I ever really liked this character! hihi 


some snacks before go to bed, and facing the first day of internship tomorrow *sigh* well, a little help :) wish me guys!  


emmm, I like "Beng Beng" wafer's so much! since in elementary school and grabbed it from my friend's store with gang hihi she's very kindly to let us took those wafers for freeeee and almost everyday :D by the way, I'm not attend the elementary school gathering tonight for some reasons :'( so sad, sorry guys


  1. glad to know that u love that mousepad,sist..2 reasons i picked that one are it's PICAPICA n it's red.keep smile,aunt to be..wkwkwkw...

  2. hihi well, aunt to be is not for now... im sorry to hear that sis :'( maybe next time you can call me "Aunt To Be"

    we love you!


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