I Dont Know Exactly What A Proper Title For This Post ♥

That was very very very nice flight for you girl! hihi today, Tia, Cita, Rifki, Rifki's friends, and I took Lucy to the airport. She headed back to Medan, her hometown. the place where her parents and her brother lived since moved from Semarang about 2 yeras ago. So sadddddddddd not to meet Lucy for the next few months :'( I as her best friend (wish!) and as a friend that could be considered closest to her family, as a friend who sometime, always asking for her help :'( this may also be felt by Rifki, her boyfriend (be strong, cuuu!)

this's a little bit of my words for you, Amigo :) I know for all that we've been through as good friends, sometimes we find trouble beetwen us. maybe Im too selfish, and indirectly I oppresed people around me, even including you. then you come as sister for me, and otherwise. one time, when you were crash about something that didn't want you to tell us, even to my self you didn't ever know how sad I was, didn't you? I was, we were :') (re:me, Tia, Zulfa, Cita, Rani). we remind each other, shows the wrong and right. the one that you should know, I'm gonna miss you here, girl. not only me, there're Zulfa, Tia, Cita and other :') Im sorry if I've ever hurt you :') take care of your self.. semoga lekas gendut! you're one of my best friends!
Regards from me to your family there! tell your mom, I miss her cook :p bless you ♥


PS : Hey Lucywho's gonna accompany me to the PMI to blood donors? :')


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