Good Bye Is The Best Hello For Future

Spent the time with whole friends! HUG!!! on 4 July 2011 later, we'll occupy our each location to carry out an internship :D it means that we'll split up temporarily for 6 months :'( no more class guys
Anyway, we held a small farewell party at Ngrembel Asri, which is located at Gunung Pati. Had lunch and some photos. After that, we take a look around Umar's House and there were chalk hill seems like mining. little bit creepy there, but the view was marvelous! Allahuakbar :)


Before we got home, we hugged each other and say goodbye. some even cry and touched :') though that not for a long time, but we would miss our moment together, particulary at school. Me too, I'll miss our togetherness especially these girls. two of us, are going to out of town. quite far from Semarang..;) Goodluck, Girls!! 


And goodluck for the others! I love you all 

Ps: I can't stop thinking about Mr. A :p


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