Me On Duty

So confuuuuussssseeeeeeddddddddd received information that Im still on Duty !! maybe through this week. I've to complete the tasks which is consist of papers and mobile learning media to Mr. Joes, before 20th of May 2011, 18 days remaining start from now! I don't undestand about mobile learning media, AT ALL !! even I don't have the program :'( oh hoooow stupid ! I hope Rani, could help me. Amiiiin. Besides, not only me who burdened with this tasks, and anyway this is my obligations, right ? Wish me luck on my last year guys! :D

hmm.. by the way, thankyou 'A' Finally I saw your face this morning. on a Greatest View :') you know, Goodbye is the best Hello for me.. where have you been?



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