It's A Girl

she was born on the power of God
maybe she was beautiful, I dont know. I wasn't there..
she grew as an optimistic little girl and courageous to fight against a male friends
she played around with friends, by bike, ran, walked, laughing about everything

(so, I dont care if grammaticaly I wrong. big B!)

she glared, she cried when she got bad score on examinations. she's simple-looking. she wore something that she like, fits, and comfortable. she is crabby. she is moody. she is handygirl envy!
she wants something a lot, sometimes she think and acts very wisely, but another time she is very childish. so bad.

in the present, she's not as beautiful as her friends. she's just ordinary girl. she grew to be too much hurt. she must strive so hard to get something material. she is haunted by guilt. every single day, she is worry, every single day her gaze seemed to dead, every single day she tried to hide her pain, her 'scars', her 'wounds', her fear. she became timid girl. pathetic..

misery. imagination faraway. she flies aimlessly. she cried almost everyday.. she need a hug. by God, Mom, Dad, and herself

"She's Me"



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