The Reunion

Alhamdulillah akhirnya bisa ngeposting hari ini, setelah nungguin lampu mati untuk yang kesekian kalinya karena trafo yang rupanya sudah menua ! haaah

quite fun today because I had a good time with my another girls Tery and Bella. My best when I were on Junior High School :D hehe
a little bit confused about "where we going today??" but, yehh they always had a good destinations. first, Pahlawan Street, took some pict..

so much fun. After we took a worship lets go get some meal !! :D my belly were screaaaaam out loud #lebaaay
we decided to tried Parahita Coffee Shop & Resto, which is located at corner of Pandanaran Street (near of my school). Yammeeee, I just ordered Potato Cream Soup and Mineral Water because of scars throat so bad, Tery ordered Spaghetti and Orange Float, and Bella ordered Avocado Float and Parahita's Snacks.

Went home, and that was very very very unlucky for me, because power at my house was outges -___- but it's OK it's already lit, Alhamdulillah..

ps: Im sorry for you Guys, Im a bad photographer hihi maklumm buuk amatir :))


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