Going Nowhere

by - Monday, April 25, 2011

Good evening everybody :D hihi just let you know, Im listening to all of Justin Bieber's song these day hihi. you know, too much news about his concert last Saturday at Sentul made me so corious with his songs. I've never listened his song completely, which I knew just Baby ft Ludacris :p haha oooh uwooohhhh.. :O ternyata lagunya asik juga yaaa hihi with extra bass, especially yang One Less Lonely Girl haha LoL #abaikan
well, spent half of this day by going around with my girls Lucy, Zulfa and Cita. I had not left for school today hihi and prefer to going around :p

banyak ya orang yang bilang kalo mau pergi tu jangan terlalu direncanain nanti malah nggak jadi, tapi ternyata.. not always right !! kita nggak terlalu mempersiapkan acara main ini, jadi main sih tapi kejebak hujan ! hahaha nggak bangeeet !! bahkan kita sempet nggak ada tujuan mau maen kemana, nongkri dimana, yaaah akhirnya balik lagi kesini deh..

these a few of pictures we took while in the sunset.. Im sorry if our faces interfere withviews.. hehe LOL

Love youuuuu my Girls :*

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