Battle Studies

so, I just got an informations from some informan that we still have lessons for several day, perhaps through Friday :( I thought that we got 3 days off or free activity but the really is NOT ! at the same way, I relize that this is just begin. I have to exceed several try out and the final is on April. I have to study harder than before, preparing what's to be prepared, physical and mental. I know all that is difficult and hard to build especially for me, the most-pesimistic-girl

Time was, before I got UAS almost everyday after school I always re-opened my handle book and tried to do it, and I dont know can I start it again? take back my spirit to open my books and do it? I dont think so (period-of course I'll open my books and study again, but not at this time okey? I need a rest time) even I dont intend to study tonight :D it sounds ridicilous when we've gone past school examination, then we have to join the class? hell-o 'r you kidding me? perhaps it's logicaly for national examination's lessons like Indonesian, English and Mathematics

anyway, how big fears, on the 18-20th April 2011 I'll exceed National Examinations. the things that can strengthnes me are effort and pray. Mom, Dad, my Brother and my Sisters that blessing me :) wish me luck, Readers !! I hope I PASS !! AMIIIIIIIIN YAALLAH

oh G ! did you expected me, Mr. A ? :)


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