Korea Vs Japan

by - Saturday, February 12, 2011

have a nice weekend everyone :D aduuuuh seneng banget akhirnya ketemu akhir pekan lagi !! it must be a hard week right? well, hari Jumat kemarin aku, Lucy, Cita, sama Zulfa di traktir makan sama Tia :D tanggal 5 Februari 2011 kemaren dia ulang tahun dan tapi baru sempet dirayain bareng-bareng sama anak-anak hari Jumat ini. we had dinner at Prince House Cafe & Resto.

sweet revenge :)

that was the first time for us to tried this resto and we were very satisfied :) nice place, nice service, friendly, delicious food and it is Korean's greeting !! hihi we weren't expected hehe

kita patungan buat beli kado buat Tia (beneraaan yak, kita lagi bokeeek :( maaf ya) dan kita dapet toples kecil warna orange. for the symbol of birthday we bought tweety's small cake hehe

hug and kissed :*

I made a wrong date on your greeting card :( it should be 5th February

nggak lama akhirnya pesenan kita dateng, and its time to eaaaaaaaat :d I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and Nachos (for us), then another ordered Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Yakiniku (if Im not wrong hehe) yummyyyyy !!

look at herself ! she was aslept when I took her pict, but suddenly she woke up and smiling !! hahahahaha how cute are you :p

and todaaaay, we tried to had lunch at O-Mayo Japanesse Food. it is small japanesse resto near our school that actually serve japanesse snack. it is newly opened yesterday so we get discount 20% for every food :) penutup akhir minggu yang menyenangkan, saudara saudara :D tapi bikin kantong bolong juga :( huhu

PS : once again Happy Birthday Tia we love you :* and thankyou for the dinner's treat, and for Zulfa Im sorry about your problem I hope you can solve it wisely, and baaaaad news for me paket sepatu ku beluuum dateng :((((((( apakabarnya uangkuuu ?

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  1. wah... tempate enak tenan kui ketoke... nang ngendi ya??

  2. emang. di jalan MT Haryono. pojokan deket pasar langgar itu VIP room tempatnya luas