A Glasses and The Script

good evening, readers !! :D oh, finally I got 2nd album of The Script "Science & Faith" !! yeeeeaaaay I have been search it
bukan dari usaha ku sendiri sih download sana-sini, tapi nemu di notebooknya Handy hehe (thankyouuuuuuuu Handy). asli loooh lagu-lagunya baguuuuuus2 banget. aku pernah baca review albumnya di majalah waktu mau rilis, Oktober 2010 kemarin kayaknya. ternyata yang dibilang di majalah enggak bohong, it's pretty satisfy :D

so, I came home earlier than usual today because I have to submit a permition letter for job training on July later in PLN APJ Semarang. besides, I got a headache so bad today, and decided to came home, and didn't come back at school hehe :p. but really, my headache was very weird. as usual, every Monday and Thursday I should to fasting, but today I dont know why, I got a bad headache :( and I canceled a fasting at 10 a.m. I eat the food, but it still ache. Tia said that it might be my minus is increase :( I admit that since I use 'Jilbab' I rarely used my glasses anymore because my face look like 'teacher' hehe Im not confidence to used it when I use 'Jilbab'. I just use it at home, at least just when I want. I dont know am I going to use it again, I just not sure that it look fit with my face which is wrap under the cloth.

so, what do you think? it's 1,75 minus.


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