Come and Go

uyeee first, I want to share that I have a new account on twitter. and perhaps this is the way I learn (again). actually I've got before but it was expired :D and this is the new one. I just got a several followers and I just followed some hehe so pleaseeeeeeee welcoming me in this world. im kinda bored with facebook

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so, yesterday I spent the afternoon by watching this movie "Sweeney Todd" yehaaa finally I got this movie. oh Johnny Depp, I adore youuu :* I never see his acting like these. a murderer with the silver razor uuuuuu full of blood !

Mrs. Lovett and Benjamin Barker (Sweeney Todd)

Nothings gonna hurt you, No while I'm around ..
-the most quotes I like-

well, entrepreneurship's practical exam has done yesterday. and I made this !

cover by

SCRAPBOOK ! hihihi contains with my photos when I was child, grown up and nowadays. about my friends and mates. I decided to make another scrapbook sometimes, and I wouldn't make it permanently. my teacher said that unfortunately it's made permanent, whereas it was manufactured system error. I should to slashing the corner for the photos but I sticked them permanently. but its OK I think, it mine so whats the problem. hehe

stand or open like book

I have to go know. I have to practice Indonesian's speech for Indonesian's practical exam tomorrow. wish me luck people !! :)


  1. aku blm nontonnn..
    pengggeeennnn :(

  2. ngko wediiiiiiii lho hiii haha #padahal aku kaleee yang girap2 nonton begituan haha


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