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uhuuuu long time no see you my bloggyy. I'm pretty busy recently, so I just operated my facebook account hehe okey let we start when I was visited Bandengan beach with my deeply classmates 2 weeks ago :) its awesome place rembering I would never come to other beauty beach beside Krakal and Bandengan -___-?
okey, first we must skip the long trip from Semarang to Jepara that need more than 3 hours. we got a little problem because our friend Wijatmoko got an accident. not seriously, but we must bring the victim back to his home. he is a old man who take his cycle. fortunetely he's not pain, only on his blood presure that increase. then we continued or trip and we there yet. oh its so terrible vacation but fun. this is the pict that can we took :)

we thought that it was the last trip before we fight with amazing problem that can make us pass the exam from this vocational :)


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