1314 People

I like having new friends. It's like learn about many different type of people, creating connection and relation. When the first time I joined this organization, fulfilling my obligation as a scholarship students, and  increasing my skill in English speaking were my main purpose. Making friend was a bit included, about how to develop that organization was not on my list at that time. So then, I follow all of selection section. Participating as the intern, sign up as the new member, submitted the form and essay project planning, even got interviewed section two times. I was in some organization since junior high school. I even took some part on graduation and showcase when I was on elementary school. I love being included on some project that I like, and yes shortly I love being included as well on this organization. Polytechnic English Conversation Club, because I started to like it. This organization is such a small, quiet yet humble. However, I pushed myself and 1314 people to make some innovation. I want them to break the rule for good, to change their mind, for developing this organization. Sometimes, it sounds ambitious but I know they can do it. My 'break the rule' mind was popping the first time when we held our very first annual meeting to start the term, although my opinion was rejected back then. I knew it that 1314 people were the same. They wanna make some innovation and break the rule. Since that Annual Meeting, I can see how creative 1314 people was. Every project we held was different, there is always something new and cool part. We wanted to always 100%,  maybe sometimes it was not always but at least we try to cover the weakness. Even our final project was out of expectation! it 10001% succeed!! and people know us better than before. About the aim for joining this organization back then, I've forgotten :) All I wanna do was just develop develop develop and make it one-of-a-kind. Things that undeniable is I love how they treat me, how they treat each other in this organization just like their own family. Sometimes, the girls could be my older sister, lil sis, even Mother for me. Those who give their advice, who care, sister who always take me hanging around when bored with college and org meeting/deadline. But at the other time they could turned into those who spoil around, need my advice, need someone to talk to, try to solve their problem. So did the boys, they could be my big bro and my father at the same time. Patient, wise, helpful, someone who can depend on, simple, silly, and even jerk! hahahahaha I never have a problem with all of that people. I am so grateful that my Demisioner chosen us to be 1314 people. I am so grateful of that. 

Our very first proper picture!

We spent so much time together. Sometimes the deadline and meeting was freaking us out. The worry, burden, responsibility, time, energy, tired, hungry, head-stone, arguments, up and down spirit, but we still there. About 98% was still standing until the end of term, and finished their each job well and in maximum level. I'm so proud of being one of those 98% people.

You must be wondering what makes me sure to write down this entry like so touched and trying to tell you that 'true friend does exist though that you just know them on one months or two' ? I saw them crying during our farewell last Sunday. We were all know that by the end of that term, it doesn't mean that our relation is ended anyway. we still be friends but I have to admit that it must be different. 

At the end of June, I'd like to make some little party. Not a true party I mean, there are one left unofficial  project called "Home Visit". The purpose is for getting closer with the family of the hosts. We are know that, been in the organization with continued project a whole year sometimes make us far from home, and parents  lil bit mind of their children's weekend activity. This is what we do, take a visit, meet the parents and whole family that all of those 'weekend activity' on campus was totally positive and paid off. Sometimes we're gonna cooking for lunch and messing up the house chit-chat until the time shows that it's time to go home :) Silaturahmi is a pleasure! 

 Well, 1314 people are now Demisioner!

This time is my turn! I'd like to make it unusual. There are flyer, theme, even dress code for my guests. I've been looking for some dish for treating them. Big meal, to the sweets. I hope this will give their another impression about our very last project! Yippie! I just can't wait!


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