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Dirty 30

Seems like I kinda forgot how to write a blog, yes? Took me almost an hour only to think about how I open today's special story x) I'm 30 years old today, you guys. 30 is just a special number, a different hit. An age that start with my lucky number. 30 years old on Friday 3rd March 2023. So many good things happened today; bright and sunny morning after days of thunder and rain (even though it end up pouring rain, cats and dogs), got a chance to finally ate dinner in one of the most popular Thai food in Jakarta, met all of my friends at office after a long period of Work From Home, had lunch date with myself in my favorite fish ball restaurant, got involved in new project/team; something new all over again.. Not like other birthdays I had, I walked so easy today. I smiled and greet most people I met and they started to wonder why I got so cherish and happy. Still no particular celebration, no candle to blow, no moment to wish. Just enough messages and calls from closest one an

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