Note this! I didn't make any post on August. No one! Not at all! and today is the 1st day of September! *bang* I feel guilty by myself, regarding I said that I will post as often as I can during my holiday on my previous post, but in fact I DIDN'T huhuhu. Well, the reason why? Busy! Yap! I've been busy all those time. At the end of my holiday, I was preoccupied by some preparation for the last day of orientation week on campus. I work for Cakra's Event which is the one day for UKMs to promote their program to new student of my campus. We did it well!!! I was so happyyy, satisfy and no one can compare the guys who involved with our Cakra's perform! Hopefully by this way, we could make a good relationship with another organization. In this case we invited HME (Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro) to join to our flash mob. it was sooo coooooooool!

We performed almost in the mid day, new student seems to feel the heat of the bright sun - but at the PPM they looked so enthusiastic sign up their name to our list. I wish some of they student are gonna be our successor who run this org. Ameeennn :)

I would like to say thank you to all my basecamp-mate who did totally and rock the show! thank you thank you sooooo much. Well, this semester is gonna be hard, I know. Just read the schedule for the first day school of 3rd term. *BIG SIGH* I talked to myself that if yesterdays event was going well, proved by high interest from new student, I guess it might be my last contribution (which is totally given). I have a lot of duty. School. Coffee shop, are awaits and I have to face it. In a further condition, I will only following them :) 

By the way my new bright nest is ready! I just have to put the shelves at the corner and done! Gonna share you aaaaaa can't wait! Mwah! 


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