I don't even understand why I choose Pop-Up! for the title of this post.. I'm too long leaving this blog. I've been very busy running a project in AIESEC and came for a meeting on my campus activity :D It's interesting running those two project almost in the same time, alternately meeting, deadlinessss. Well, I guess I did it well so far :) My project in AIESEC just finished yesterday, Alhamdulillah I worked optimally and I've do my best. So many experiences I got while I worked with AIESEC Roadshow Ambassador, altough I didn't come along with the team to visited suburban university to share the info about Exchange Program. Nice to work with Mbak Dira, Mas Ucim, Asih, and Andri as the teamwork! :)

In another case, I choose UKM Polytechnic English Conversation Club as my second family at the campus. I'm happy of being the part of that organization :) I currently elected as Vice Chief of Redaction which is handling everything about publication, external relation, promotion, management information and so oooon. My passion! I've been working with Lusi as my Chief, Fela, Yuni, Desta, Rani, Dhian, and Dewi as the staffs in this term. Well, girl power!

In the middle of my activities, I got a chance to 'build' a small coffee corner near campus. It's not I am myself, actually I work with 4 another cool guys Luthfi, Hndy, Zulfa and Arum. We make "MAKIBU FRUIT COFFEE". The concept is basically to provide a comfort corner to take some coffee with the touch of fruit in every seep. We also serve various snacks for coffee companion. Our coffee corner is outdoor-concept with wood and warm ambiance. We plan to open our coffee corner officially on Monday, June 10th 2013 :) Ahhhh wish us luck! I'll share about the menues and facilities. Check out our twitter @MAKIBUCOFFEE and peek our favorite. Finger-crossed!

Well, I guess I have to re-decorate my blog appearance. New layout, new spirit! :)


  1. ah mbak fira lama ga nongol di blog muncul-muncul semakin kereeen. mau dong nyobain kopinya :D asik sepertinya campuran kopi dan fruit :D

  2. Aaaaa Gege! :3 doain ya Ge besok senin udah mulai buka hihihihihhi sini ke semarang lagi.. jangan ke jaakarta duluuuu


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