Birthday Packaging

Today I was celebrated double birthday surprise for uncle and Tia. So happy because I could celebrated Uncle's birthday as well without any preparation. Tia and Uncle got the same mini-rainbow-cake from nearest bakery *you must be know what is the name of that bakery* All I want to say is happy birthday to Uncle and Tia. I hope you have a blessed year ahead and more properous in life. Chase everything, be more useful for society, and of course life long. God bless you all :) 

Oh, one more for Uncle, thankyou Uncle for everything, for your kidness even for mom and dad, and for my whole family. We all love you. Good luck for your Hajj this year, with 'Bude Mus' 

Tiaaaaaa my best ever thankyou for empek-empek. WE LOVE YOU, TOO! *gift is following ya :p


  1. Kejutan yang sangat menyenangkan, terimakasih juga ya Fir. Hasil jepretanmu juga bagus tingkatkan terus semoga sukses segalanya. Amin...

  2. Waw, such as a beautiful moment just happen :).

    Anyway, you're one of the bloggers that I nominated for the Liebster Award! Please kindly check it at Thank you for participate Fira !


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