Someone Someday

...Just when we think that love will never find you
you runaway but still it's behind you, oh
it's just something you can't control..

Lady Antebellum - Ready to Love Again

Maybe this is a sensitive topic to talk about, or maybe from the entire of my blog posts there are only a few  of 'love story' that I share. Well, life is gift. You just need to open it to know what's inside then surprise! As you know I've ever be hurt by someone that automatically make me more careful to take a decision to have some relationship. I called it, selective. I'm glad and really appreciate someone else who really care about me, even if it turn out misunderstanding. It's very surprising, moreover for those who never expected. Don't blame on me when I standing here, act like usual, then I just don't care if someone else's like me -- but then they didn't let me know about it. I don't know. Then I'll do nothing. 
Oh, did I lost my sensistive's sense? I guess, I'm just too focus for what I chase. I'm just too enjoying for what I do recently. College, graduate soon, exercises, organization, school, future. I'm just too rigid. Love? I put it in the final sequence. But you have to move on, Fira! This time, I think I just want to focus focus focus. Chasing the goal, explore myself, learn people around me, and in the right time I'm gonna take the decision to falling love again. Falling love is a simply felling that flow by it self. No under preassure, no compulsion. Just flow! 
But don't that naive, sometimes couples make me so jealous. But it's fine, just believe that someday I'll find my heart. I don't know how, when, who, or where. It just someone, someday :) Well, heart is dynamic. It change anytime. 

Ah, let's just finished it. I feel so ridiculous. Good night, good-people! 

Happy Eid-al Adha! Muah ~


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