We Are Endless Bitter-Sweet

Just finished doing my final report of vocational and yearbook project, and I'm glad I've done my best Alhamdulillah... :) When I start to write this post I just realized that with the completion of the final report and project of making a yearbook, it will soon be over as well the school which is took for 4 years :') Oh my... time flies sooooooooo fast! My friends also felt the same. Our togetherness will never be replaced by anything. 4 years for are 'plus' time for us to more embrace each other. Another high school may simply need to take only 3 years of school, but we? we are PLUS :') guys, start to shared our memories on shape photos or video through our forum on facebook. All those guys gave their best comments and thumbs, include me! Well, at least less than a month we are still have a time to playing around or just spending time together. 5 years or 10 years later.. who knows, you guys are gonna be something be proud of. Let wishing that we are gonna be happy and proud to say that "She/He is my best-friend on school! it's lucky for me to had a friends like him/her! :)" when someday, we meet again! I LOVE YOU, GUYS!

I checked my files and collect some photos, the old one - the loved ones :)

Ah! I know it looked nerd but that was original me! :'D tacky!

I'm tired of home. I love to laugh with you. I can only laugh as free as as sparrow. Then? who's gonna make me laugh, when we have graduated and parted ways?

Ah.... I LOVE YOU, Guys! Big hug, please? :')


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