Double Blessings

Oh my God got a gooood news that I passed the test of Semarang State Polytechnic - Special Class for Vocational Student or something like that heheheh :p actually I don't know exactly what it called. Hohh, the result should be announced next May but some friends said that it's already announced since yesterday! I feel relieved because at least I have a back-up-plan before I struggling on SNMPTN on next June! In life, there's always a sadness behind the happiness thing. Yes, some friends didn't :( I hope they got the better ways than us. Amiiin :') Beside that, today was the day I field my report to get the approval and signature of my teacher for adviser. guess? I got it easily! waaaaaaa God's very kind <3

Say no more... today was so beautiful! even the sky and the weather. Feel so alive and bright. I love today, I love Allah. And of course, I love the people around me. Bless us please, either double or single :)  


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