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I feel like I'm the Princess of China who celebrate the birthday, with whole family and lovable people around me. Yesterday was one of my best day in 2012 so far! I celebrated my birthday with family, Tia and Lucy. Start from utterance via bbm, twitter, facebook, short messages aaahh.. all of you who couldn't count one by one.. I love you and thankyouuuuuu :* blessed you all! Oh, and morning suprise attacked from Nina and Tery.. ah that was sooooooooooooo *speechless* thankyou so much for the nice'n cake.. I ate it all! ;p the best I ever had! 

On the night, we had a dinner with family in the house. Pijamas party with Tia and Lucy! and guess, their gift for me is muchlove! of course from Mbak Ufi who gave me these gift earlier than another <3 loveloveloveeeee I felt like a 7 years-old girl :')

Ah! Can you see the watch? oh my, even I saved my money so hard to buy that watch, but they bought it for me as birthday-gift! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh I'm so happy! :D of course from Cita and Zulfa too who gave the new variant color of paris hijab hihihi thankyou too! me, love :)

All of you, guys I have to say a huge thankyouuuu.. thankyou so much for those who have prayed for me, wish me to be better, thankyou guys who gave me an utterance via any social network, every gift will always remind me of you.  I hope you're blessed ;) And thank you to Allah SWT who gave me a wonderful life, every temptations, every kindness in my life, EVERYTHING that You've given to me that couldn't count one by one............ Thankyou, Allah.. I love you :')


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  2. how a nice birthday! :D
    btw happy birthday Sis Aldila ;)

  3. hey,,,,
    nice to find this blog
    u are so cute
    just like I find a little sister :)
    happy birthday to you
    sorry for this late :)

  4. Oh my God thankyou so much! :D love love


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