Mas, sumpah? 
Once in a lifetime lho :p 

November 2016 must be the time that I would never forget. The month when Mas Rio-a very old-friend of mine from junior high, contacted me and told that he got tickets for Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams Tour - Singapore 2017. It strike me so hard until my I lost my words and disconnected in the middle of conversation with my mom and her guest that we had at that time. I laugh when I remember that moment. It was so silly x) 

Gelap! Mbak nya yang nge fotoin jahat :( 

I actually didn't plan, but Mas Rio came with words "once in a lifetime" that really woke me up from a dead-faint-dream of mine, a list that I thought must be impossible for someone like me, which is; at least once before I die, I have to watch an international music event outside country. This might be a