"Why you wanna please the world and leave yourself to drop dead?
Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got."
Currently listening of Paramore song. I like this one. Both the music video and the lyrics. Booster!
So happy to come back here again. Actually, I'd like to post about food and recipe for something that I've made last day - but I got lack of photos because I did everything by myself huhuhu need my sister here. Then I prefer to post an article about my room that already re-decorate for about few weeks ago (man, it's already 2014!). Well, new lighting, new tone, new color but still without any window :( There are only glass block that solved the problem to make my room looks brighter than before at noon. 

my new favorite spot

I found this glass table. This actually my old table and I change the function of this glass table into glass board to write everything as reminder hehehehehe :p

All frames on the wall are already filled 

The scenery right after I open my eyes in the morning. Pictures.

Some furniture are still using the old ones, but I made the slightly longer in length. There's also a small table at the corner of the room as my mini work space. 

 little corner//little joy

I guess my room is not really change too much, but the different is on the wall and door color. I made it the same. Silver Skates and White are perfect combination.

IDK : Why I'm still here. I'm supposed to left the town in early December 2013 but, here I am. Hopefully the rumors is right. I stay 'here' and still got my internship. *finger-crossed*