" I was made to believe I'd never love somebody else, made a plan stay the 'girl' who can only love 'herself' " John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift - Half of My Heart

~ dengan perubahan seperlunya ~

Congratulation on 30th of March 2011 for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hell Yeaaaaaaah !! this day is exactly one year of me who being single lady hahahahaha I wanna laugh, for sure :D I'm glad because I relize, I can hold to be a single lady for a year ! hihi memang sih jadi cewek yang nggak punya pacar ada nggak enaknya, apalagi kalo diantara temen-temen cuma kita sendiri yang belum punya pacar (lagi) hahaha but never mind :) I'm very proud of my self who can stand by myself and not depend on another guy. memang aku nggak berharap selamanya sendiri kayak gini. I'm normal. but at least, nowadays I know the meaning of making a relationship. not just know each other, treat each other, fight, cheat, chocolate and a bucket on valentine's day, goodnight kiss or soooooo on. seriousness is the foundation of everything we interwine. So I decided to let my self explore about everything inside me. self mature until later ready for the another relationship :))

anyway, aku tetep berharap suatu saat nanti I'll find someone who will be the last for me. nggak mau dooooong jadi perawan tua iya nggak sih :D the right person in the right time, the smartest person who will lead my little family, kalo bisa sih yang kayaaaa umm .. #abaikan

see, Congratulations once again for me !! ♥ ♥

you're like a rocket in my mind ..
this is it ! my fad in the middle of Mrs. Darti's class this morning :D

okeeey I have to finish this post as soon as possible before I reboot the booby's PC for so many times !! ╰(◣﹏◢)╯
here, first. yesterday was sooooo great day :) not much actually, I mean I have to thankful to Allah for the days that has been given to me right, and I thank you for an-embarrassing-accident that happened to me, yesterday (˘▼˘) yap !! I fell with possitions such as snail. can you imagine? face down !! in front on school's mosque, saw by pretty much students. Actually that was the way we helped Tia who almost unconscious, but in the middle she suddenly fell and so did I (because my hand were held her body, so I fell with) then, that was so absurb. This causes a slight bruise on my knee

can you see it? on the red circle

second, I want to discuss about girl who look like me. Hijab's Girl. yap, actually the most thing that I'll talk here is about them (me,us). as we know that, there're a lot of girl who wear Hijab nowadays. they even make it as trend and combined with fashion. yeah, Im one of them. but dont you know, the exactly mean of wearing Hijab? this is an obligation as Muslimah. we have to wear it by heart, and hold our vows to wear it by the name of God. this is not a game to play, because this's the thing that should be accounted. being a Muslimah, who comitted to wear hijab are not easy. surely, I admited it. I've been wearing Hijab about a year since 2nd Oct.2010 and on the middle I faced a lot of temptations. mostly in controlling our anger, and abandon bad habits that I used to be. sometimes, I felt like naive. being people who not like myself. I act so good to change people's assuming about me. Hijab's Girl. I just wanted you to know that, being me (our,us) are not easy. when I thought that I was naive I always remember the vows and purpose why I wearing Hijab for the rest of my life is. I want to change my behaviour and make it better.

always remember that "Hijab's girl, will always try to be a good role models for people around them. they always try to not be a hypocrite and pretend their self just because others pay attentions. but they (we,us,our) are only humans, and nothings perfect. we're not an angel. we are not always right, we do wrong to find the right thing. Believe me, dont judges us like we never make mistakes. we just walk away in the God way" -Subhanallah-


anyway, this afternoon I'd take my mother to the Tawang Station to bouhgt ticket to Jakarta for Saturday night. I rarely go by train, so I always impressed when I was on Tawang. this is an old building, and I like the atmosphere. mostly, the architecture !!

I love the air :)

is this clear enough? I took this picture using my nokia hehe :p

ohw, by the way I modified my wallet. I took of the belt and stuck the shirt button on the side. look at that !! is that cute, already?

look! there's a mark of an original belt
so, I just got an informations from some informan that we still have lessons for several day, perhaps through Friday :( I thought that we got 3 days off or free activity but the really is NOT ! at the same way, I relize that this is just begin. I have to exceed several try out and the final is on April. I have to study harder than before, preparing what's to be prepared, physical and mental. I know all that is difficult and hard to build especially for me, the most-pesimistic-girl

Time was, before I got UAS almost everyday after school I always re-opened my handle book and tried to do it, and I dont know can I start it again? take back my spirit to open my books and do it? I dont think so (period-of course I'll open my books and study again, but not at this time okey? I need a rest time) even I dont intend to study tonight :D it sounds ridicilous when we've gone past school examination, then we have to join the class? hell-o 'r you kidding me? perhaps it's logicaly for national examination's lessons like Indonesian, English and Mathematics

anyway, how big fears, on the 18-20th April 2011 I'll exceed National Examinations. the things that can strengthnes me are effort and pray. Mom, Dad, my Brother and my Sisters that blessing me :) wish me luck, Readers !! I hope I PASS !! AMIIIIIIIIN YAALLAH

oh G ! did you expected me, Mr. A ? :)

I feel like Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! akhirnyaaaaa Alhamdulillah :D Ujian Sekolah kelar hari ini !! ah senang senang senaaaang, efeknya dan aku mulai 'mengudara' lagi hari ini (semoga).

im not insane --"
just arrived from dinner with Zulfa, Rani, Dedy, Lucy and I !! treated by Roga :3 (aduh aku doain lancar rejeki deh tu anak \(˘o˘)/

well, kita milih makan di Prince House (lagi) dan berasa lebih kenyang *iyalah gratis loh !!
truuuuus nggak tau pada mau kemana akhirnya ke Pahlawan *ehem* jujur sih saya belum pernah kesana malem malem ahak #LOL iya maksudnya setelah pemerintah ngadain renovasi belum pernah kesana lagi. hihi ternyata rame gelak gelaaak isinya orang pacaran, orang pacaran, orang pacaran, orang pacaran, keluarga, keluarga, trus anak ilang (?)

Semarang in the night side *ecieh

anyway, Good Night Everybody :D