Haaaaappppyyy new year 2015 all of you, people. To be honest, I've never celebrate the new year's eve outside the house I mean spend the whole night with friends or loved ones in a public space. I hate the traffic, the noise, and somehow I think that it just waste the time (and money, as well). I used to stay at home, watched a family movie with my whole family, made a home made BBQ, and slept after the hilarious firework party in the sky. Simple yet I love the quality time we shared. Just like the previous years, I spent my 2015 new year's eve with my friends this time. Just the same stay at the house, watched a movie (unfinished, actually hahaha), and BBQ party. This NYE event was actually a Home Visit version. So it must be a flyer :p

We visited Kikyo grandma's house at Desa Tuntang. The air is soooooo fresh, there. We passed small forest, hill, and river along the way to the house. Such a great view. We went there by car and some of us by motorcycle. Ayip and I went by motorcycle, so I could feel the cold breeze on my cheek. Kikyo's granny house is soooo simple yet very comfy for us to have a quality time. There's one rule that I really appreciate which was "No gadget during the event". Gadget means our smartphone so, no smartphone during the event. We know that people are getting sakau since the smartphone is on their hand. Sometime it's quite good and helpful, but sometimes, it change people in their REAL-social life in front of them. I definitely didn't mind to save my phone, turned off the data cellular and got mingle with my friends. 

After the opening from Kikyo as the host of that day's event, we collected our phone and did Ashar's Prayer. While waiting for Maghrib Prayer, we just did a conversation, preparing the games and BBQ. We had 'Jagung Bakar' and 'Lele Bakar' that night, ended-up with some Mangoes and Milk from Mas Fadly and  overnight conversation.